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CHS Athletics on Hold Till July 6th
by posted 06/08/2020

All Wake County athletics are in a dead period through July 6th.  We are waiting for direction from the county what our fall season will be comprised of.  Please be patient with us as we are anxious to get going as well.  As soon as we know something we will relay that information to you.


What can you do during this down time?

1.  Register for football using the following link:  Football 2020

2.  Start conditioning - you need to take some time preferrably in the mornings at 7 am to do some running and agility drills around your home.  Start keeping a log of what you are doing each day and then work to improve those numbers.

3.  Spend time outside acclimating to summer heat.  Don't be that guy that stays inside playing Madden all day and then expects to be ready for a HOT summer practice.  You need to acclimate yourself to outdoor heat.

4.  Find odd jobs around your home that you can do to help your family out.  Examples:  Mow the lawn, spread some mulch, powerwash the deck or house, wash the cars, play with your pets, cut some wood, help out a neighbor or your grandparents.

5.  Stay in contact with your position coaches!  Make sure at least once a week you are connecting with your position coaches.  You can text them through HUDL.  We want to know how you guys are doing and want to stay connected with you.

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