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Below are forms for use at Cary High School and WCPSS..

WCPSS Athletics Website 


WCPSS Athletic Eligibility Requirements

Please check on all student-athlete requirements.

Athletic Pre-Participation Form (this includes the physical) 

Print out and complete all pages of the Athletic Pre-Participation Form (including physical) which MUST to be turned in to the Athletic Trainer to check before being eligible. The Athletic Pre-Participation Forms (including physical) are good for 395 days (1 year + 30 days). This means a physical competed on 7/15/2019 is good until 8/15/2020. The Concussion form (p5) of athletic pre-participation form must be signed every year and is only good for 365 days (1 year). If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Trainer. 

**When an Athletic Pre-Participation Form is turned in to the Athletic Trainer, the form will be on file for any sport the student-athlete chooses to tryout for or participate in for any season at CHS. The teams coach will just need to inform the Athletic Trainer to check to see if it is current.**

**Safety comes first, so if an Athletic Pre-Participation Form is turned in to the Athletic Trainer during tryouts, practice, or competitions, the student-athlete may have to wait for the paperwork to be checked and verified. The team practicing takes priority. There may take up to 24 hour delay to check after a form is turned in. **


Critical Contact Form 

Coaches should ask all student-athletes to print out, complete, and turn in a Critical Contact Form to their coach to act as contact information in case of an emergency. 


Wrestling Skin Lesion Clearance Forms 

Athletes must be cleared by a licensed physician in regards to skin lesions.
Please inform the wrestling coach and athletic trainer ASAP about any skin concerns.
The form MUST be completed before they practice or compete. 


Cast Appliance Form 

Student-athletes who are injured and are wearing a cast can be cleared to participate with the cast & padding by their doctor. The appropriate form MUST be completed an turned into the Athletic Trainer before participation.