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Wrestling Information 


Skin Lesions 

  • Skin Lesions can and do develop and become transmitted to other individuals during the season. Please click on a link below to lean more. These can be VERY contagious. 
  • Impetigo
  • Tinea (or type of fungus) AKA: Ringworm
  • Herpes Gladiatorum​​


Protection Against Skin Lesions 

The best protection is prevention. 

  • Shower after practice ASAP.
  • Don't share clothes, towels, headgear, or razors.
  • Wash clothes daily.
  • Wash or rinse body with hibiclens or other approved substance.
  • Report any skin lesions to the Athletic Trainer and Coach ASAP.


Wrestlers with Skin Lesions 

Wrestlers with skin lesions should inform the wrestling coach and athletic trainer ASAP about any skin concerns on their body. They can possibly participate AFTER evaluation by the Athletic Trainer. Then they must see a licensed physician for evaluation, treatment, and proper clearance. 

  • To print out the appropriate form go to Forms under Athletic Trainer