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WCPSS Student-Athlete Insurance 

  • Please visit the WCPSS Athletics form more information about student-athlete insurance. Includes information about...
    • Benefits 
    • ​How to file a claim. 
    • Additional Coverage. (Voluntary)
  • All student-athletes are covered under this insurance plan regardless of their families personal health insurance plan.
  • This plan is a LIMITED BENEFIT and DOES NOT cover all medical bills, but will help cover up to a predetermined maximum. Please check for more details by visiting the link above. 
  • Parents are responsible for filling out and submitting a claim form. 

THE YOUNG GROUP - Insurance Information 


WCPSS Volunteer Insurance 

  • It is highly recommended that all student-athlete's consider purchasing the WCPSS volunteer insurance.
  • WCPSS offers voluntary (optional) insurance for students. For more information visit LINK​​
  • More information can be found at www.k12studentinsurance.com
  • The insurance groups information can be found at http://www.younggroup.biz/ 
  • If you have questions about this insurance, signing up for a policy, or insurance claim questions please call Doug Young @ 919-846-9798 or email doug@younggroup.biz 


  • IMPORTANT - ANY Varsity or JV Football player MUST choose Football coverage option for their insurance choice. This only covers during football participation. 
  • Please contact the insurance comply if you have question or for clarifications.