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Athletic Training Student Assistants 

Student Assistant's in the Athletic Training Program learn from a supervised observation under the Certified Athletic Trainer at Cary High School. Students will learn how to provide the appropriate assistance in a supervised manor. Returning Students should scroll down to the bottom and follow the steps provided. 


Student Assistants.....

  • usually help with specific sports teams during either the Fall, Winter, or Spring sports seasons. 
  • put in a lot of time during the season they are assisting (they are part of the team).
  • have a positive attitude and are role models. 
  • can possible earn a varsity letter.
  • should learn and get checked off on the following competencies. See Student Assistant Classification Requirements CHECK LIST.
  • MUST follow the below statements to stay in good standings in the program. 


Student Assistants WILL: ‚Äč

  1. Adherence to the NATA & Cary HS Codes of Ethics / Conduct. Do what is right all the time!
  2. Perform and abide by the duties outlined in the Student Assistant Manual.
  3. Abide by all rules defined by WCPSS, Cary HS, sports team and teacher classroom rules. 
  4. Respect, listen, and abide by Cary HS administration, staff, & coaches instructions or comments.
  5. Have no discipline referrals, school suspension, or charges / convictions with a crime. 
  6. Refrain from using, possessing, buying or selling alcohol, tobacco, e-cigs, prescription medication & / or illegal controlled substances. 
  7. Demonstrate integrity, positive self image, & be a role model at all times by demonstrating high standards of ethics, sportsmanship, and good character. 
  8. Dress professional and as discussed in the Student Assistant Manual.
  9. Earn and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, have no “F’s” or “D’s” and only 1-C in current season (Honors class is letter grade higher) on a report card or progress report. Earn a grade “B” or better in any Sports Medicine class (if / when enrolled).
  10. Become or try to become CPR / AED / and First Aid certified. 
  11. A score of at least 35/50 on each Student Assistant evaluation conducted by the Certified Athletic Trainer or 3/5 average by peer Student Assistants.  (One each sports season when applicable)
  12. When assigned to a sport, work & record a minimum # of hours (stated in the classification requirements) per week for the duration of the assigned season. (Unless pre-approved by ATC for school or work related / activities)
  13. Follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Privacy & Accountability Act) guidelines that are designed to make the patient’s health medical information private and secure. This means you cannot discuss any personal medical information that you see or hear with anyone. 
  14. Understand that your actions & behavior (things that you do, say, or post [social media]) can have an impact on you and the Athletic Training Program which can result in consequences.
  15. Understand / agree that the Athletic Training Staff may contact my son/ daughter by phone, email or text during the school year regarding the daily functions of Athletic Training. 



  1. Interpreting referrals from other healthcare providers
  2. Performing evaluations on a patient
  3. Making decisions about treatments, procedures or activities
  4. Planning patient care
  5. Independently providing athletic training services during team travel



FurrentFuture Students who are interested should....

  1. Contact the Athletic Trainer to learn more about the program. 
  2. Print out, complete, and return the Student Assistant Application to the Athletic Trainer, then possible breif meeting with Head ATC.
  3. If accepted or returning then follow up on information under "Student Assistant Announcements".
  4. Students cannot start until all forms are in and accepted into the program. 

* Students do not need a "Ticket-to-Play" but must be accepted before assisiting in the Athletic Trianing Room Program. 


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