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Not sure if your pre-participation form is current? The physical portion is current for 395 days from the evaluation date when it is signed by appropriate medical provider.

Click here for the form:  Pre-Participation Form

First, please check with your primary care physician to see when your last physical was done. A Wellness Check-Up is NOT considered a current physical under the NCHSAA and WCPSS standards. Please have the medical provider use the appropriate form. 

Second, the Athletic Trainer will be glad to check on the student-athletes pre-participation form status. Please email the Head Athletic Trainer @ echall@wcpss.net and a response will be sent ASAP. 

If you need a copy of the actual physical for a camp (summer, etc...) please give a few days notice to make a copy. A copy needed the same day may not always be possible. 

Student-athletes are typically ineligible due to one of the following:

  • 1) the pre-participation form has not been turned in to the Athletic Trainer. It could have been turned into the front office or student services, but that does not mean it has made its way to the Athletic Trainer. 
  • 2) the pre-participation form has been turned in into NJROTC. Please have the student-athlete make a copy from ROTC and give to the Athletic Trainer.
  • 3) the pre-participation form (physical portion) HAS expired.
  • 4) the pre-participation form (physical portion) WILL expire during the season (depending on the date it was signed.
  • 5) the pre-participation form is INCOMPLETE (missing a page, signature, etc...)
  • 6) the student-athlete is not cleared due to a past / current injury, illness, on medical condition. The student-athlete MUST be cleared from an medical reason (injury / illness ; condition) with a note from the medical professional treating the injury.

For any reason listed above please see the Athletic Trainer to discuss. 

*Mistakes are bound to happen, if you have any questions please discuss with the Athletic Trainer ASAP*


**COMPLETED WCPSS Athletic Pre-Participation Forms should be scanned (in PDF form) and emailed to  . NO forms will be collected in person. This includes any medical documentation. Forms will have to be checked and verified before a student-athlete can participate. This will be done in the order which they were received. **