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Injuries will happen. Student-athletes should always inform their parents, coach, and athletic trainer about an injury or medical concern. Communication is vital to assist the student-athlete in their evaluation, treatment, and recovery.

CHS Injuries

  • The Athletic Trainer will be glad to evaluate a student-athlete about an injury that occurred during a Cary High School participation. If the athletic trainer decides the student-athlete needs to evaluated by other medical professionals or the parents take their child to see a medical professional, the student-athlete MUST bring a medical note from the professional who evaluated and treated them. This note should include when the student-athlete is cleared to return to participation or any modifications that the student-athlete should follow. Medical clearance with the appropriate medical note is REQUIRED

Non-CHS Injuries

  • Non-CHS Injuries are injures that occur during any outside CHS activities. Student-athletes should inform their parents, coach, and athletic trainer, so CHS is aware and does not put the student-athlete in a situation that may make the injury worse. CHS athletic department is not responsible for non-CHS injuries. Please contact your family physician regarding evaluation and treatment. A medical provider (doctor, PA, PT, Nurse, etc...) note and / or medical clearance may be requested on the student-athletes return. The school's athletic trainer will review all forms before the student-athlete is cleared to participate. 


  • Any student-athlete who suffers head trauma (concussion) will be required to have the appropriate paperwork before returning to CHS sports. Student-athletes MUST be evaluated and cleared by a Licensed Health Care Providers (LHCP) which is required by the NCHSAA. The LHCP should have expertise and training in concussion management. LHCPs include the following individuals: Licensed Physician (MD/DO), Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT), Licensed Physician Assistant (PA), Licensed Nurse Practitioner (NP), or Licensed Neuropsychologist. 
  • All forms will be returned to the school's athletic trainer to clear the student-athlete for CHS participation regardless if its a CHS or Non-CHS injury. The school's athletic trainer will review all forms before the student-athlete is cleared to participate.
  • For more information & forms, visit the "Head Trauma and Concussion Information" tab under Athletic Training.


**To turn in a medical documentation please scan (in PDF form) and emailed to the note to   . NO forms will be collected in person. This includes any medical documentation. Forms will have to be checked and verified before a student-athlete can participate. This will be done in the order which they were received. **