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TBD - due to COVID 19.

The fall season officially start August 1st 2020. Those students assisting with football will be together for the next 3 ½ months (fall season) for many hours a day. Many of you are returning and some of you are just beginning. Our goal is to give you the chance to gain more knowledge and improve your overall experience. 

Assisting in the Athletic Training Program is a privilege. All student assistants must commit to assisting the team they are working with, learn new skills, and strive to accomplish their best. At times helping will be very demanding, time consuming, but overall very rewarding. I expect all student assistants to take the initiative, to learn from each other, to teach each other, enjoy your time in the program, make yourself better and get something positive out of giving your time to others. Be prepared for really hot sweaty days, rainy days, and cold days (unless inside). Remember that student assistants need to set high standards and be role models so therefore should act accordingly. Most importantly become closer to your peers, learn new skills, grow as a person, and have fun. I expect your best and will help you in any way I can.


Student Assistant Classifications (GREEN & BLACK LEVEL)

Student Assistants are expected to learn new skills. In order to track your learning, please follow the Student Assistant Classification Requirements CHECK LIST. The two levels are GREEN or BLACK Level based on your grade,  knowledge, supervised hour requirements, student assistant evaluations, grades, GPA, and skill knowledge (what you should try to learn how to do). Everyone starts as a GREEN Level until they master the skills to earn the BLACK Level. This is to encourage you to learn how to do more and help others when needed, reward your peers, and create higher expectations for yourselves. Classifications can change due to not meeting requirements or excelling. Classification level does not mean you only help Varsity or JV sports. It is to show you have learned and mastered important skills. No level is better than another, because we are all on the same team striving to learn and assist in Cary High Athletics. No matter the classification, Student Assistants are expected to be a leader at school and in the community, work cooperatively with others, while learning from and teaching to their peers. Students Assistants unable to meet the requirements (hours, skills, grades, etc…) may miss events or be asked to step down depending on the situation. Students can help with other sports depending on availability and the number of students scheduled to assist. If you don’t feel like you can commit to the requirements, please let the Athletic Trainer know ASAP.  The Athletic Trainer will have final say in all Student Assistant matters in regards to classification and team responsibilities.

1.    BLACK Level Student Assistants – Mastered skills and held to a higher standard & leader / teacher of peers.

2.    GREEN Level Student Assistants – Should strive to master all skills to become a BLACK Level.

The Student Assistant Classification Requirement Check List under Becoming a Student Assistant page. This form has the hour, grades, and knowledge requirements listed. New student assistants always start as a GREEN level for their first year. On year two they may become a BLACK level student assistant.

Varsity & JV Football

Varsity and JV football will be two interactive groups that must work together for the team. GREEN or BLACK Football Student Assistants can assist with Varsity or JV Football. The Athletic Trainer will have final say on who is helping with what team.

All Other Sports - Both GREEN or BLACK level student assistants will work together to assist the team.



Practices: Please dress in shorts, t-shirt, and athletic shoes (no flip-flops). Prepare for rain at some point. Bring Water / Snack – We will discuss pre-game meals later. Always check and dress for the weather. 

Scrimmages: To be decided but usually black shorts and CHS athletic training shirt (I will give you)

Games: Usually khaki shorts or pants and a collared shirt I will give you. (NO JEANS) Prepare and dress for the weather. Football will practice in the heat, cold, rain, or mud. Bring extra clothes / shoes if necessary.

I look forward to seeing, working with, and teaching all of you.  If you cannot make it because of any reason please let me know. Communication is vital to our program.

“Strive to be AWESOME!”


  1. REGISTER on Website: Go to the goimps.com, select "Registration" box in orange near upper right corner, select "register" in green box under Athletic Training Student Assistant 2017-2018. Complete form and I believe your parents need to sign up too. Make sure you sign up as a student and not parent. 
  2. Print out, complete, & return the following forms PRE SEASON FORMS before the first day of practice. 
  3. Print out, complete, & return a Critical Contact form to have on file in case of emergency. Before the first day of practice.  
  4. Review the Student Assistant Manual in the Athletic Training Office.
  5. Review and get checked off on the Student Assistant Classification Requirements CHECK LIST. (During the season)
  6. Communication may go out through a) Emails b) Text message c) from Remind.com (see next)
  7. Sign up on Remind.com - Get text notifications. Text the message @caryat to the number 81010. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @caryat to (919) 229-4981. 
  8. Ask to be added to the Athletic Training "Group Me" app.
  9. Please ask for the season schedule from the Athletic Trainer. 
  10. All forms MUST be completed and turned in BEFORE they assist.

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Help is usually needed with TICKET-2-PLAY (meet in Athletic Training Office)- Time - TBD

Information about Ticket-2-Play will be announced on the website when available.


  • First Practice is usually the week of August 1st. 
  • The FB team is usually on the field from 7 am to 10 am. 
  • Students MUST be at school by 6 am. End about 10:45am.
  • Dress for the weather (heat, rain, etc...)
  • FB will practice Monday - Saturday the first 2 weeks. Then the Next week Monday - Friday. 
  • When teacher workdays start the FB team will practice after school from 2:30 - 6:00 pm. 
  • A schedule will be given out the first practice.